Drowning in work? Must be time to write a blog! (Or my weird way of being thankful)

The approaching end of the year, as well as the holidays have got me in a very reflective mood lately despite the fact that I should be hustling to get through the pile of work I’ve accidentally buried myself in.

This year has been one big, beautiful hot mess. On the one hand, I’m still learning the ropes of what it means to have crohn’s for me, and as such I’ve been sick more than healthy. But on the other, I had set out to start selling my work at shows, and I’ve far surpassed my original plan of only going to two, with six, soon to be seven shows! I’ve met nothing but support and such friendly (albeit sometimes strange) people. I’ve also had my first legitimate illustration job, got my own press set up, and have had my work in a gallery in Los Angles!

It still blows my mind that people actually want to spend their hard earned money on what I do. While money is a necessary evil, and I’m not saying it doesn’t make me happy, what really tickles me pink is seeing others excited about what I’ve made, and how some people just light up when they see something they really connect with.

Through it all, I’m so grateful that I can work on what I love, and even more so for the community I’m finding of people as weird as I am. Y’all make the long hours and working through the pain worth it!

Here’s to more insanity and art next year!