My Experience With Worbla Thus Far


Okay. So if you were wondering where I went, I’ve been making armor every waking moment not at work!

I recently got it in my head that I wanted to cosplay Lady Sylvanas from World of Warcraft because I looked up how popular cosplayers made their armor just out of curiosity. As it turns out, I’m going to a ren faire next weekend and what better place to debut my first time making a set of armor than the ren faire?



Apparently most of them use this magical plastic stuff called worbla formed over foam pieces. I decided to get a small piece (since it’s got a heavy price tag on it) to check it out and instantly fell in love.

Now, I’m not necessarily a sculptor, but on occasion I like to break out my tools and make something. I’m into making tedious stuff when I sculpt, so this project is perfect! So far I’ve spent about 40-50 hours (a lot of it learning) on the armor. Once you get the hang of heating the worbla to a specific temperature to work with it the longest without getting burnt hands it’s pretty smooth sailing. I don’t like it too much for the smaller details which I’m sculpting with apoxie instead because it’s hard to work with when it’s thicker like that.

But aside from that, it’s really great to work with!