I’m just like any modern woman trying to have it all. 

Morticia Addams

A loving man, two careers, two bunnies, three social media sites, and an endless array of extra hobbies. I’d like to think I’m not asking a lot of my time but frankly, with all that I like to think I have going on time tends to slip away and something gets lost in the ether. It seems that one of the many things that got lost for quite some time would be this little blog of mine!

So with my recent efforts of spending my time more focused on what I feel is important, and the general reorganization of my life, including my art studio (new to me table yay!), I thought I would give this another go.

Photo Jul 31, 4 00 14 PM.jpg

Never enough desks and lime green tool boxes. (And mess.)


My current goal will be to post monthly, if not biweekly about whatever it is I’m currently working on or going through. Which let me tell you, is a whole hell of a lot in both departments as of late.


The prime fruits of July!

July has been a whirlwind of a month. Between waiting eight weeks to finally start treatment of my recently diagnosed Crohn’s Disease (yuck), a call for art for one of the galleries that I’ve been dreaming of (Arch Enemy Arts), and a general desire/obsession of just doing more art in general, I’m not sure how I survived in one piece!

In a good month I average about one large painting (or almost one), and a few sketches in my sketchbook or mini paintings. This July I completed three larger works, three smaller works, four plein air paintings, and double the sketchbook pages I normally fill! While I still feel as though I never produce enough, all things considered I had a fantastic month in my artwork.

I think a lot the motivation has been coming from my desire to not be sickly which has been nagging at me for the last two months. I realized that I spend a great deal of time doing nothing, highly unfocused and a little lost, and I decided that it was a complete waste of time. I almost felt like I was just letting my life and precious time just drift by unnoticed like a ghost in the wind. So A little at a time, I’ve been trying to reform my habits and ween out the nasty mindless internet and tv time, and replace it with focused-ish time on the internet and trying to have a pencil or knitting needle in my hand whilist binge watching American Gods.

American-Gods-Recap-Secret-of-Spoons-Mr-Nancy (1).gif

Also, there’s this Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speech that really got me. Clearly my biggest problem is that I just need to sleep faster!

Here’s to hoping August proves as bountiful as July. I will be planning on another three larger pieces finished with some more plein air practice peppered in for September, as I will be a part of a local plein air paint in! I also hope to be making the trek to New York City this weekend to kick it all off by seeing JAW Cooper’s inaugural showing at Spoke Art. She has been a super source of inspiration as of late, and I’m dying to see some of her delicious paint work in person.

Also here’s to hoping I’m not as rusty as I feel I am at this blogging thing. It’s been two years that dust has been collecting, and even then I was never quite the wordsmith.